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Juan Negrín, Executive Director
Yvonne Negrín, Associate Director

Board of Directors

Diana Negrín, President
Dr. Anthony Somkin, Treasurer
Maria Cruz, Secretary
Richard Reader, Chief Media Officer
David Tussman, Legal Advisor


Gerardo Ruíz, Engineer - Solar projects

For more details you can read the biographies posted to the left of this page.

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Board of Directors

Biographical Sketch of Juan Negrín - 474 KB

Diana Negrín - Biography

Project Advisors

Gerardo Ruiz = Biography

Current Projects

Web site

Weaving Workshops

Eco-Forestry School Proposal

Moving the Weaving Workshop to the new campus of Tuapurie's Autonomous Preparatory School. - coming soon.

Foundation Goals

On Line Exhibits
Photo Documentaries