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Arte Huichol, Published by Artes de México in 2005

Artes de México, México's primier art magazine, has published an exciting issue dedicated to the Huichol Indians and their contemporary art. It features 59 color images that include photographs of the Huichol people and reproductions of some of their finest art. Accompanying these spectacular graphics are essays by Johannes Neurath, Juan Negrín, Olivia Kindl, and Margarita de Orellana. This is a bilingual edition and the texts are in both Spanish and English. The price of the soft cover (magazine version) is $45, and the price of the hard cover is $75.

We are presently sold out of both the hard and soft cover editions. Please check back!

Acercamiento histórico y subjetivo al huichol by Juan Negrín, Published by the University of Guadalajara in 1985

We have a limited number of copies of this book. It is available for $35 plus $4.50 shipping and insurance.

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"An important new study in comparative religion and philosophy, this fascinating and dramatic account is based on Jay Courtney Fike's in-depth research, spanning more than three decades, on Huichol ceremonial life and worldview. Many of its unique insights reflect the author's personal knowledge of the shamanic experience. Fikes also reveals and clarifies fundamental long-term themes in Mesoamerican religious and worldviews. Unknown Huichol contributes to symbolic anthropology, the anthropology of religion and of art, and to broader anthropological theory." Conrad P. Kottak, University of Michigan

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