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Photo credit: Yauxali  ©Juan Negrín 1978
Pablo Taisán de la Cruz is also known by his Huichol name, Yauxali, which means "The Costume of Our Father (Sun)." He was born a member of the subgroup called Wautüa, from the community of San Sebastián Teponohuaztlán, Municipality of Mezquitic, Jalisco, around 1936. He spent most of his youth in Tutsipa (Tuxpan de Bolaños), where he developed a traditional ranch with his brother and pilgrimage companion, Pancho Taisán de la Cruz.

Yauxali began to make yarn paintings in 1978 as part of an effort to explain the role of Our Ancestors and of their symbols in Huichol sacred history. He became a rare exception among yarn painters as an expert maraakame (shaman) who approached his work as a master of purely sacred art. His output was sporadic, and his explanations were couched in esoteric vocabulary. The best of his art contains the same energy and sincere conviction of Guadalupe González's finest pieces, as if a hidden magnetism guided his hands and the artist allowed himself to become an impassioned intermediary for the messages of Our Ancestors.

Yauxali's stone sculptures can be viewed in the Sacred Art section of this website.

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Our Elder Brother Hot Arrows
Yauxali, 1981
Size: 0.40 x 0.40 meters
The Accommodation of the Rains
Yauxali, 1981
Size: 40cm. X 40cm.
The Bees Find Their Way To Their Hive
Yauxali, 1981
40cm. X 40cm.
The Presence of Our Grandfather
Yauxali, 1981
Size:0.40 x 0.40 meters

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