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Nierikate Offerings to Our Father (Sun) - Photograph ©Juan Negrín, 1976 - 2010Nierikate Offerings to Our Father (Sun) - Photograph ©Juan Negrín, 1976 - 2017

Art is a daily part of the lives of the Wixaritari and it takes many forms such as weaving, embroidery, beadwork, votive offerings, chairs, basketry, musical instruments and sculptures. Explore this website to see fine examples of traditional crafts and the work of five extraordinary yarn painters and some of their most provocative works.

The contemporary yarn painting has its origins in the nierika like those in the above photograph.

Sacred Art

View examples of standing sculptures, stone disks, offerings and ceremonial objects and learn about their uses.

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Meet the contemporary artists represented on this website and view some of their major works. View examples of the traditional arts and visit our on-line exhibit.

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