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      The Wixárika Research Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public foundation, registered in the State of California and founded in May of 2001, to promote public awareness of the Huichol (Wixárika) culture of Mexico through the creation of an online archive for the Wixárika and scholars of their art, history and culture. Its founders, Juan and Yvonne Negrín, established a number of charitable organizations in Mexico to promote ecological development and self-sufficiency through carpentry and weaving workshops, which produced items for a strong internal and regional market. They have worked with the Wixaritari since 1970 and have established links with other grassroots organizations working in Mexico. For the past 42 years they have collected traditional and contemporary art works and endeavored to help the public appreciate and understand these as a window into Wixárika culture.

     The Wixárika remain surprisingly intact as a pre-Hispanic people but face pressure to integrate into mainstream society. Promoting the value of their rich culture is essential to their survival as a distinct people. We believe if we can further their cause by helping the Wixárika be more accurately understood and better appreciated by the rest of the world, they will have a better chance to preserve their culture and continue practicing their traditional ways of life, while making their own decisions regarding how to best develop their living conditions, health care, and education.

      The Wixárika Research Center has worked to defend the sacred lands and natural resources of the Wixárika people and we design, implement and finance environmentally sustainable projects for the Wixárika communities. Our projects are authorized by consensus at general assemblies and confirmed in writing by their elected Traditional and Agrarian Authorities.