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XXVIII Plenary Meeting of the National Indigenous Congress Pacific Region Center

Indigenous Community Mezcala coca, Jalisco

Summoned and gathered in the community Mezcala coca, Jalisco, peoples, tribes and nations Wixaritari of Durango; coca, and Nahua Wixaritari Jalisco Michoacán Purhépecha and Nahua, naa savi, Mephaa, Nahua and nancue omndaa of Guerrero; Triqui naa savi binnizá and Oaxaca, Chiapas Tzeltal and Tzotzil; nahnu Mexico State and Federal District Nahua, declare:

Community Mezcala coca, with the knowledge and expertise that give us water, soil, heat and heart of our people that is the Isle of Mezcala Tlalquetepeque was to begin work in this plenary session.

The shelter gave us the Laguna de Chapala is what we tell the elders of the community as Mezcala Chapala is the mother, as has been the food and life in the village, the hills, forests, and give us shelter work, are our father, while the heart of the people born on the island of Mezcala, she takes refuge in our memory and history of struggle. Thus, the island, the hills, the Laguna, animals and plants are our territory, our history.

Considering that before the War of Conquest neoliberal capitalist puts into practice the bad governance in our peoples, nations and tribes, with their instruments to divide and dominate through productive projects, handouts and alms, autonomy and self-determination is way of defending our territory and culture, do the following:


The indigenous community Mezcala coca has shown us the struggle of resistance that has undertaken in its history for the preservation of its territory. That's why we are against privatization and manipulation of the heart of his people, the island of Mezcala, since INAH Jalisco Secretariat of Culture and the City of Poncitlan still insist on wanting to snatch the story and make Mezcala another commodity. We denounce the work that CNA has done in our community, trying to define as a federal zone that is communal area since time immemorial. We denounce and demand the immediate cancellation of the 22 mining concessions granted to the Canadian company First Majestic Silver Corp by the Mexican state through the Ministry of Economy. For exploitation and exploration of minerals in the sacred site of Wirikuta. We denounce that the life of the world depends on the offerings and ceremonies since time immemorial have been our brothers Wixaritari on this site, from which depends the sun back out every day, so that the destruction of Wirikuta is a harbinger of death and destruction to our native peoples. Also welcome to the Front in Defense of Wirikuta Tamatsima Waha whose word is headed by the elderly, assemblies and village authorities Wixárika and recognize the intense involvement of global civil society in this historic struggle.

We also oppose all allowances and concessions granted exploration and mining throughout the country and back of our peoples, without prior consultation and to rob and destroy our lands, culture and existence.

We reiterate our support for community-Tuapurie Wixárika of Santa Catarina Cuexcomatitlán, Jalisco, in its decision to exercise its autonomy in action through its own model of development in the field of education and management of their forests. We reiterate our opposition to the project road Amatitan-Bolaños-Huejuquilla in the territory of Tuapurie.

We denounce the massive invasion of avocado transnational companies in the lands which were vested in the community of Tuxpan in the year 1925, which is done through intimidation of the farmers who are reluctant to lease their land and the illegal appropriation of water available in the foothills of the Volcanoes Snow and Fire.

We reject the plundering of forests Cheran community and all communities of the Meseta Purhépecha by loggers paramilitarized groups to promote the planting of avocado with the complicity of government that refuses to prosecute and punish such criminal groups, rather they are productive projects benefiting from government.

We demand respect for the possession that the Nahua community of Santa Maria de Ostula has on the land recovered June 29, 2009, where they founded the town of Xayakalan. Furthermore, we demand respect for their community policing, the cessation of arrests of villagers for firearms possession and punishment for paramilitary groups have killed, shot and causing the migration of dozens of families and Coire Ostula Nahuatl. We demand the live presentation of the villagers Javier Martínez, Gerardo Vera, and Francisco de Assisi, the last commissioner of community property.

We reject the exploration and mining corporations engaged in national and EU territory for the communities that make up the Regional Coordinator of Community Authorities of the small coast and mountains of Guerrero.

We demand the declaration of innocence and the unconditional release of the brothers Amuzgo Matías Dominguez Silverio, Genaro Cruz Valtierra Apostle David Arango, who were sentenced in first instance for the crime of kidnapping made to destroy the Ñomndaa Community Radio-The Word of Water Xochistlahuaca Township, Guerrero, and further the interests of the chief Aceadeth Rocha.

We demand the recognition of the Intercultural University of the peoples of the southern state of Guerrero, since it is a university driven from the Indian peoples to prepare professionals who represent the interests of the people themselves.

We reject the government and paramilitary repression unleashed against our people and specifically against the people of Oaxaca Triqui, communities, snails and good government of Chiapas Zapatistas, the Nahua community of Santa Maria Ostula, Michoacán, and the Tzotzil community Mitzitón, Chiapas.

We oppose the forced displacement of those who make up the autonomous municipality of San Juan Copala, demanding guarantees of their return, we reject the militarization of the region Triqui and punishment of the paramilitary groups operating in the area, urging women, men, children girls, aged and elderly people make up the Triqui to rebuild their unity as a people, without distinction of organizations without interference from outside interests that lead to confrontation Triqui Village.

We reject the plunder of the territories for ikoot and binnizá peoples of the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec to the installation of wind farms, perpetrated by transnational corporations as Preneal, Endesa, Iberdrola, Gamesa and Eurus, in complicity with all levels of government.

We oppose the arrest of 140 adherents of the Other Campaign, members of the ejido of San Sebastian Bachajon, Chiapas, by state police, federal and elements of the Mexican Army on 3 February this year, while on a protest after being stripped of the tollbooth of Agua Azul, a group of PRI.

We reject the dispossession of land by the Federal District Government headed by Marcelo Ebrard for the construction of the metro line 12 in the land of the Nahua community of Tlahuac and construction of the Supervía west.

We reiterate our opposition to the construction of the aqueduct Novillo Dam by the federal government, state government and the businessman Carlos Slim, the same that aims to bring almost all of the Yaqui River water to the municipality of Hermosillo to further the interests real estate, tourism and agro the big capital projects that lead to the extermination of the Yaqui tribe.

Call to recognize the role, work and rights of indigenous women within our communities and in the struggle for the liberation of our 'peoples tribes and nations.

A 15-year agreements were signed in San Andrés between the government and the Zapatista National Liberation Army, claimed its content and proclaim, once again, as the supreme law of our people. We recognize the extraordinary work done for our people by Bishop Don Samuel Ruiz throughout his life and joined the pain of his departure.

We welcome the completion of the XXIX Meeting of the National Indigenous Congress in the central Pacific region, on 05 and 06 March this year Nurío community, to commemorate 10 Years of the March of the Color of the Earth and Third National Indigenous Congress. Because coca community Mezcala, Jalisco, to the 06 th day of February 2011.



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